Is All-Star Eugenio Suarez Not A Top-Ten Third Baseman?

Well, it was about to be another regular Thursday without baseball, but Jon Heyman decided to drop a bomb on MLB Network. He made a list of the top ten third basemen right now, and Eugenio Suarez, a 2018 All-Star, was not on that list. The other three all-star third basemen from last year-Nolan Arenado, Jose Ramirez and Alex Bregman-are all in the top five of Heyman’s top ten. But Suarez is nowhere to be found. Heyman included Anthony Rendon, Mike Moustakas (currently unsigned), and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who has yet to play in a regular season MLB game, over the 27-year-old Suarez. How far off is he though? Let’s go through last year’s stats.

These are all of the qualified third basemen who led major hitting categories in 2018, and where Eugenio Suarez finished in that category.

Batting Average – 1st: Anthony Rendon, .308; 6th: Suarez, .283

On Base Percentage – 1st: Alex Bregman, .394; 4th: Suarez, .366

Slugging Percentage – 1st: Arenado, .561; 5th: Suarez, .526

OPS – 1st: Arenado, .935; 4th: Suarez, .892

RBI – 1st: Nolan Arenado, 110; 2nd: Suarez, 104

WAR – 1st: Matt Chapman, 8.2; 6th: Suarez, 4.2

Home Runs – 1st: Joey Gallo, 40; 3rd: Suarez, 34

Walks – 1st: Bregman, 96; T-5th: Suarez, 66

Runs Created – 1st: Bregman, 122.9; 4th: Suarez, 96.1

Even in the field, Suarez did well.

Defensive WAR – 1st: Chapman, 3.5; 8th: Suarez, 0.3

In all of these statistics for 2018, Eugenio Suarez is in the top six of third basemen in the league. He finished above Mike Moustakas in ALL of these statistics. Josh Donaldson was hurt most of last year, and I can’t argue that he isn’t in this top ten, but there needs to be a way to put Suarez in that group. Just by last year’s stats, its crazy to say he’s not in the top ten, Jon Heyman.

He went on a mini slump in September, so if you only take his performance from April-August into account, he slashed .294/.375/.556 for an OPS of .931. Those numbers are good for 5th, 2nd, 2nd and 2nd respectively for those stats. I’m sure the other players’ numbers go up without their September stats as well, but it was an incredibly good season for Eugenio. Suarez has also improved his slash line in the past two years. After hitting .248/.317/.411 in 2016, Suarez improved to .260/.367/.461 in 2017 and .283/.366/.526 in 2018.

Hopefully Suarez saw that list and kept it on his phone for this season.

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