The Reds’ Official Celebration This Year Is “The Woah”

The “woah” has recently taken over the internet, and the Reds have started to follow suit. In early 2019, the woah – a dance that is a simple movement of your arms in a semi-circular motion – started spreading across social media, with TikTok being its first home. The woah has now grown to worldwide popularity, and if this past weekend was any indication, it seems as if the Redlegs have adopted the woah as their own celebration.

As the first two tweets show, Phil Ervin and Jesse Winker both did the dance after their respective run-scoring hits in Monterrey. Wink also did it last Thursday after he robbed a double from the Marlins’ Neil Walker.

Even Joey Votto, not known for much celebration, did the woah with Amir Garrett after AG collected a big punch out in the sixth inning Saturday night.

Hopefully the Reds can start another winning streak and we can see more woah on the field. If you’re annoyed by the woo, then do the woah.

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