Jesse Winker Is The Mets’ Mortal Enemy

No one has had a better time in New York this week than Jesse Winker. The Buffalo native and new Met killer has been a thorn in the side of Mets fans everywhere. Just this week, he hit a game winning homerun off of previously unhittable Edwin Diaz:

Then waved to the fans in left field – who had been heckling him all game – after Raisel Iglesias closed down the game in the ninth:

After this, Mets fans wanted Winker beaned, and let him hear it the next two nights, chanting his name and saying all the unmentionables toward him. According to r/Reds, a fan got thrown out of the game Tuesday night because of the things he said to Winker.

Last night, after Jose Iglesias’ home run in the top of the ninth, Winker made a sliding catch in left field for the final out. He decided to wish those bums in left a good night:

The Mets faithful couldn’t handle him simply waving, and decided to let Twitter know about it.

They also went to Noah Syndergaard, today’s starter, to let him know what to do to Winker:

The fans on r/NewYorkMets were even worse.

Are the Mets the softest fanbase in baseball? Just ask Frank Fleming, noted Mets gindaloon:

Never change, Mets fans. Winker likes doing the wave!

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