Baseball. Is. BACK.

After the owners and players couldn’t come to an agreement on an extended season, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has chosen to implement a 60 game season. There will be a baseball season played in 2020.

Damn, it felt good to say that.

After the best offseason the Reds have ever had, the owners and players from the 29 other teams had to delay the season further just to try and avoid playing The New Red Machine. They saw a lineup that includes Eugenio Suarez, Nick Castellanos, Mike Moustakas, Shogo Akiyama and former NL MVP Joey Votto, and wanted no part of that. They also tried their best to avoid the three-headed monster in the rotation and the arsenal of arms stocked up in the bullpen. After Rob Manfred tried his best to not let the Reds win, they will finally get their chance to dominate baseball.

While my excitement for the 2020 Reds might just be from three extra months of being on the hype train in quarantine, we’ll finally get to talk about actual baseball again. Yes, there’s more to baseball than just mindless labor negotiations, and there are a million questions about the Reds to be answered. There’s a bevy of options for the DH role, a possibility that David Bell might use a four-man rotation and the fact that it will be weird to watch baseball without crowd noise, organ music or fireworks. No matter how many things will be different this year, baseball will finally be back in our lives.

Stay safe, Reds Country. We’ve got some good baseball to watch this year. Follow us for daily Reds content, including this website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and our podcast, Reds Country Radio! New episode tomorrow, by the way.

Play the hits!

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