The 2020 Reds: A Eulogy

After a tumultuous 2020 season for the Cincinnati Reds, it has finally come to an end in a postseason sweep.

For a team that was put together to succeed in a 162 game season, it took a global pandemic and a poor offensive showing for the Reds to not reach the goals that the front office had set out to achieve with the moves they made in the offseason. It sucks that we fans only got to enjoy this team on Opening Day and the last two weeks of the season, but there were definitely fun parts in the middle there.

People will definitely be down on the Reds this offseason. I can’t blame them for feeling that way. For a team that was built to succeed, the Redlegs did not do what they were asked to do. Can you blame a 60-game season on that? Sure. A regional schedule in which the Reds weren’t tested with the best teams in the league? Possibly. Some questionable roster moves made as the Reds were losing winnable games? I can listen to that. There’s going to be an offseason full of questions.

There’s no question in my mind, though, that this team was a success.

The club had a winning season in the midst of a coronavirus-shortened season. They broke their playoff drought and gave people in Cincinnati a brief shot of happiness. They found special talent in Lucas Sims, Tyler Stephenson, Tejay Antone and Jose Garcia. They saw the potential of what Mike Moustakas can do for them in a full season. Joey Votto revived his career. Trevor Bauer most likely won the Cy Young award, the first time ever a Red will have won that trophy. There are things to like about this team heading into next year, even with the glaring holes the Braves poked in them this week.

While the expectations were high this year, this was still somewhat of a young team and if you’re a true Cincinnati fan, you know that deep down you had some doubts about whether or not this team could truly succeed this year, especially in a shortened season. If you also looked at how other championship teams have fared in the past, no World Series winner has made a Cinderella run to win the pennant. They all had to take their postseason lumps and build out from there. If you expected this team to go far in the postseason in their first time there, I’d like to know what your narcotic of choice is.

The ride is far from over for this group. While the Reds could possibly lose Bauer and Nick Castellanos to free agency, they are in a position to build off of their success this season. We know what the offense has the potential to be. The bullpen should be solid once again. The rotation is still sexy as hell. Even when the old guys’ contracts run out, there is still a youthful core to be excited about. David Bell, Derek Johnson and Kyle Boddy are still the truth. They just haven’t done it yet.

If you want to jump off the train now just as it’s leaving the station, you can definitely do that. When you decide to come back as the Reds are streaking to a NL Central title next year, you can do that too. Just pay your tax at the door when you come home.

Give the Reds fandom a few months to breathe. Watch some football. The NBA Finals are on this week. Watch the bubble World Series. Get the bad taste of this sweep out of your mouth.

When you’re ready, come back and find us here at ATBBTTR. We’ll be ready to get you excited once again for the 2021 season.

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